Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I is for Ideas (or no ideas)

One of the biggest challenges of the Art Everyday for a Month challenge is coming up with ideas for what to do next (okay, this is a constant challenge.) Add to this the fact that I am trying to work in an abstract way, and today I drew a blank. (Not one I can post here however.)

Though no abstract ideas are coming my way, the stack of pears on my kitchen counter are calling my name. The tree in my yard has been most abundant this year. A source of culinary inspiration, and this morning, an art idea.

One of the first things I learned to draw was a pear. I was first inspired to try to draw one because I saw them drawn, painted, photographed in almost every book I read as I was learning about drawing with pastels. Pears are just a lovely, sensuous shape. They come in wonderful colors, they lend themselves beautifully to pastels, and they taste good too.

As I look around my studio, I realized  that because I draw pears at least a few times a year, they are a good judge of my progress. So, today, something real - a quick sketch in pastels on canson mi tiente.