Saturday, November 13, 2010

Art Every Day: N is for Nature

Day 13

Yesterday was our anniversary, and just like on the day we were married, it was a sunny afternoon. It is never a good idea to ignore the light in November; who can say when it will be back again, so the plan was to head outdoors.

Earlier in the week I heard a report of the impressive crop of mushrooms growing in the forest. We decided to go hunting. My husband envisioning sauteed delights, the dog, and me with my camera. We drove west toward the coast, and drove to the top of a high hill in the state park. Tomorrow I will show you the sky. Today, I drew a mushroom on the forest floor.

This is pastel pencil and pastel on Canson Mi Tiente.

By the way, though the picking was poor, the hike was a pleasure, and a stand along the road sold us a bounty of chanterelles. Dinner was delicious.